The issue with the title of ‘Murder Mystery 2’
(Credit: Netflix)

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The issue with the title of ‘Murder Mystery 2’

Fans of the new Netflix movie Murder Mystery 2 have been quick to point out an obvious error in the film’s title. 

Telling the story of a married couple who somehow gets mixed up in a mad criminal plot, the sequel stars Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston alongside a supporting cast that includes Mélanie Laurent, Mark Strong and Adeel Akhtar. Following loosely on from the storyline of the 2019 original, in which the same pair solve a mystery on a superyacht, the new film sees them travelling to a private island.  

The problem is, the film actually has nothing to do with murder, with Sandler and Aniston’s characters investigating a kidnapping instead, making the film’s title somewhat null and void. Despite this, the film has performed well for the streaming service, meaning that a third film in the comedy series could be on its way in the future. 

The next big release on the horizon for Netflix is the comedy-drama Beef starring Ali Wong and Steven Yeun. The series sees Amy (Wong) and Danny (Yeun) get into a spiteful altercation after a road rage accident that spirals out of control. 

Take a look at the trailer for Murder Mystery 2 below.