The Hugh Jackman robot drama storming the Netflix charts again
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The Hugh Jackman robot drama storming the Netflix charts again

There is just something about tales of robots—or any seemingly non-sentient being, for that matter—and love that tends to tug on our heartstrings. So, it isn’t surprising that the Hugh Jackman-led blockbuster Real Steel has once again surged to prominence on Netflix charts. 

Directed by Shawn Levy and penned by John Gatins, this action flick has claimed the eighth spot on the Netflix US top ten films chart this week. Despite being about robots battling it out Gladiator-style, this Jackman-Levy sci-fi film earned its fanbase because of its underdog story.

Released in 2011, Real Steel is set in a future where colossal, remote-controlled robots have replaced human boxing. The film follows Charlie Kenton (played by Hugh Jackman), a struggling former boxer turned robot boxing promoter. When Charlie’s estranged son, Max (portrayed by Dakota Goyo), enters the picture, the duo stumbles upon a discarded robot named Atom. Together, they set out to transform Atom into a champion, taking on the mighty opponents of the high-stakes robot boxing world and bonding as father and son along the way.

Real Steel, which was released almost 12 years ago, also celebrated its tenth anniversary and is trending on Netflix’s top ten. In an interaction with Entertainment Weekly, Shawn Levy once shared how he felt when he received the news of Real Steel’s enduring popularity. 

“It was strange and thrilling,” Levy told EW. “I sent two texts. One was to Hugh, the other was to [Steven] Spielberg, who was one of the producers of the movie. I’m like, ‘Somehow, we are trending on Netflix.’ I’ve made movies that made more money, but I don’t know that we’ve made a movie that garnered more long-standing, consistent love.”

The success of Real Steel every time it is brought back to Netflix’s library can be attributed to its timeless appeal and the streaming platform’s large fanbase full of action enthusiasts. The film strikes a balance between intense action sequences and a heartfelt story, making it an easy feel-good option every time, with the added dose of giant robots.

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