The hilarious Alan Tudyk sci-fi dramedy is now on Netflix
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The hilarious Alan Tudyk sci-fi dramedy is now on Netflix

Alan Tudyk, the beloved comedy star renowned for his roles in cult favourites like Firefly, Death at a Funeral, and Dodgeball, has made us laugh for decades. This time, his critically acclaimed sci-fi comedy-drama is bringing more weird joy to the shores of streaming on Netflix.

With Tudyk’s trademark wit and charm, coupled with a storyline that’s out of this world, it’s no wonder Resident Alien is enjoying a resurgence of popularity among viewers after its premiere season hit Syfy nearly three years ago, on January 27th, 2021.

Resident Alien stands out as a refreshing offering with its blend of sci-fi spectacle and side-splitting humour mixed with genuine emotion. This series serves as a testament to Tudyk’s uncanny ability to bring even the most outlandish characters to life.

The series is helmed by writer and creator Chris Sheridan, whose credits include the hit animated series Family Guy, which earned him five Primetime Emmy nominations. Sheridan brings a unique perspective to the alien invasion trope, making Resident Alien a delightful binge-able comedy.

In Resident Alien, Tudyk stars as an extraterrestrial being who crash-lands on Earth and assumes the identity of a small-town doctor. His mission? To blend in with the human population while covertly plotting Earth’s demise. However, things take an unexpected turn when he finds himself drawn to the quirks and complexities of human life, leading to a series of misadventures as he navigates the many baffling intricacies of human behaviour.

Aside from Tudyk’s stellar performance, Resident Alien boasts a talented ensemble cast that brings the fictional town of Patience, Colorado, to life, from Sara Tomko’s endearing portrayal of Asta Twelvetrees, a local bartender with a penchant for trouble, to Corey Reynolds’ captivating turn as Sheriff Mike Thompson. 

The show also has recurring appearances from stars like Nathan Fillion and Linda Hamilton, who plays a covert military officer on a mission to hunt extraterrestrials on Earth. There’s your little throwback to her character in the Terminator franchise. However, playing the “humourless, straight man” in another sci-fi feature didn’t phase Hamilton, who told Business Insider, “I was just so drawn to the writing, and sometimes you just read something, and I want to be part of it. Just give me anything.”

You can watch Resident Alien on Netflix and catch the trailer here: