The gloriously insane Millie Bobby Brown monster film on Netflix
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The gloriously insane Millie Bobby Brown monster film on Netflix

Millie Bobby Brown is all set to battle dragons in her next Netflix film, Damsel, but this isn’t her first dance with giant lizard monsters.

In the world of colossal cinematic showdowns, none are quite as iconic as the ones between Godzilla and King Kong, two towering titans from the annals of pop culture history. Their epic battle in Godzilla vs Kong (2021) is now the gloriously insane monster film that has landed at the tenth spot on Netflix US. 

Directed by Adam Wingard and featuring Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown as Madison Russell, Alexander Skarsgård as Dr Nathan Lind, and Rebecca Hall as Dr Ilene Andrews, among others, this film is an action-packed spectacle that has been entertaining fans of both monsters and mayhem.

Godzilla vs Kong promised to bring a fresh take to the age-old rivalry between the giant lizard and the colossal ape. The screenplay, written by Eric Pearson and Max Borenstein, takes the audience on a rollercoaster ride through breathtaking battles and high-stakes intrigue.

So what is Godzilla vs Kong about?

Set in a world where Titans exist, and humanity seeks to understand and control these behemoths, Godzilla vs Kong centres around the impending clash between the two legendary creatures. Godzilla, once humanity’s protector, has inexplicably turned against them, and King Kong, who has been living in seclusion, becomes the last hope to stop the rampage. As the two colossal beings prepare for their epic showdown, a group of humans try to uncover the truth behind Godzilla’s sudden aggression and find a way to restore balance before it’s too late.

Upon its release, Godzilla vs Kong received a mixed but largely positive response from both critics and audiences. The film’s action sequences and special effects were praised for their grandeur and spectacle. 

The classic appeal of Godzilla and King Kong

Godzilla and King Kong are timeless classics in the world of monster cinema. These iconic creatures have captivated audiences for decades, representing primal forces of nature and humanity’s eternal struggle for survival. 

Their enduring popularity can be attributed to their cultural significance, evoking awe and sympathy as they embody the dichotomy of destruction and heroism. Godzilla symbolises the fear of nuclear annihilation, while King Kong represents the beauty and tragedy of nature’s wild, unbridled power.

Godzilla vs Kong continues the legacy of these mega monsters, offering fans a larger-than-life showdown that delivers on its promise of thrilling action and monster madness.

You can watch Godzilla vs Kong on Netflix and catch the trailer here: