The five biggest moments in ‘Virgin River’ season five, part two
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The five biggest moments in ‘Virgin River’ season five, part two

Virgin River officially wrapped up its fifth season. Part two of season five, with two holiday-centric episodes, dropped on Netflix on November 30th.

It’s that time of the year in the quaint Virgin River when Christmas lights twinkle and secrets are unwrapped. The final two episodes of the fifth season on Netflix have delivered not only a festive punch but also a heartwarming drama.

As the town gets ready to celebrate, the lives of our beloved characters take unexpected turns, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. In case you have not watched these episodes yet, we suggest you read our ending explainer on Virgin River season five, part one, instead.

Here are the five biggest moments from Virgin River season five, part two:

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Charmaine finally has her baby

Jack’s ex, Charmaine, finally gives birth to twins, concluding a pregnancy that went on for much of the series duration. Despite past paternity drama, the delivery is a happy moment as Mel helps Charmaine in the process.

Charmaine’s confrontation with the babies’ real father, a local drug lord, Calvin, possibly induces her labour, but all’s well that ends well, at least for now. Something tells us that Calvin is not out of the picture entirely.

Lizzie is pregnant

With one pregnancy ending, we have another one on the way. A bombshell is dropped when Lizzie’s mother accidentally overhears her speaking to Denny about her pregnancy. Her mother expresses her concerns about how much Lizzie will have to shoulder with Denny’s Huntington’s disease and a baby on top of that. But a heartfelt conversation between the two convinces Lizzie’s mom that she will be alright.

Cameron and Muriel’s dilemma

A surprise visit from Cameron’s ex-wife throws things in a tizzy. She asks Cameron for a second chance at building their family together now that she is sober, but he turns her down because he is with Muriel now. While Muriel is glad that Cameron chose a future with her, she expresses her reservations about having children. Even though Cameron says he is okay with that, Muriel is concerned he might resent her later.

They find Wes’s body

Preacher and Kaia are on a romantic high in these episodes, but it takes a dark turn for Preacher by the end of the season. Their future plans are in jeopardy when Wes’s body is discovered in the woods where Preacher had buried him.

Mel’s quest to find her father

The season’s most gripping storyline revolves around Mel’s pursuit of her biological father. Picking up from where they left off in the first part of season five, Mel and Jack set out to track down her dad. After some expected drama, it turns out that Everett Reid is her father.  

After reconnecting with him, Mel now has another dilemma: who will walk her down the aisle now? She had already asked Doc, and he had sweetly enough agreed. Perhaps both Doc and Everett can do it together, eh?