The erotic film dominating the Netflix charts
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The erotic film dominating the Netflix charts

We have heard of romance and we have heard of drama. We have heard of erotic thrillers, but what have we heard about erotic dramas? A dramatic plot with a thematic undertone of implicit romance or an erotic fantasy can be considered an erotic drama film. These films are the perfect combination of passionate romance, sexual fantasies, and stories where stakes are high and so are conflicts.

Despite being critically viewed, 365 Days was a big hit for Netflix. With a dicey plot, it received an intense backlash as critics said that the plot glorified rape culture and Stockholm syndrome. However, considering that the film became a one-of-a-kind sensation and was definitely deemed profitable for both the creators and Netflix, a second part was released earlier this year on August 19. This Polish erotic thriller sequel to 365 Days: This Day, The Next 365 Days is based on the third edition of the trilogy by Blanka Lipińska

In this volume of the film franchise, we see Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) and Massimo’s (Michele Morrone) relationship struggle as they try to work through unresolved issues relating to feelings of jealousy and lack of trust. When it comes to the cast, we see the original couple reprise their roles whilst Simone Susinna, who was introduced in 365 Days: This Day as Massimo’s rival, Marcelo “Nacho” Matos, returns to try his luck at winning back Massimo’s love. Whilst trying to avoid too many spoilers, we can safely conclude that the plot for the third part of the 365s concludes the love story.

Now onto the exposition. Being a wife to Don Massimo Torricelli, who is known to be one of the most dangerous Mafia heads in Sicily, Laura is often at risk. Not only that she becomes an easy target to his enemies, but she is also often hanging in line when it comes to the Mafia head making serious decisions for their relationship. Her life has become nothing less than a rollercoaster. 

From the last volume, we know how Massimo is angered by the death of his brother, however, Laura survives her gunshot — in fact, it was not mentioned more than a few times throughout the film. The movie’s exposition entails how the couple is rather going through a rough patch in their relationship. To try to get back to normalcy Laura decides to restart her career in fashion and as she begins to finally get going, Nacho arrives to cause more confusion in her life. Within the first two weeks of release, the film shot up to the top third most watched film on Netflix and has continued to maintain its position. 

The real question remains whether Laura gets back into an abusive relationship with Massimo or whether she decides to continue on this journey with his rival, Nacho. Does Massimo find out what Laura has been up to? Does she really get to decide, or will she sway the way the wind blows? Or does she choose to move away from the world of mafias and set sail with the wind beneath her own wings? I am not here to give you any spoilers or reveal the climax.

Tune in if you are still wondering what to do next weekend. Watch the trailer for this steamy and intense journey of a film here.