The Christmas film barging into the Netflix top ten
(Credit: Netflix)

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The Christmas film barging into the Netflix top ten

In a festive frenzy, Netflix users across 52 countries are indulging in the yuletide spirit with another Christmas-themed wonder.

After all, ’tis the season to be jolly, and nothing spreads more cheer than a good ol’ Christmas movie marathon! As the days get shorter and the cocoa gets hotter, festive films whisk us away to a world of tinsel, mistletoe, and joyous mayhem.

Whether it’s the quirky elves, the misadventures of Santa, or the promise of true love under the mistletoe, Christmas films are a hit during the chilliest time of the year because they offer an escape from reality.

Catering Christmas is the latest addition to the streaming giant’s burgeoning holiday-themed catalogue. Directed by TW Peacocke and penned by Cara J. Russell, this 2022 TV movie follows Molly Frost (Merritt Patterson) as a struggling new catering business owner thrust into the limelight at New Hampshire’s grandest event of the year.

Catering Christmas fits snugly into the mould of the cheesy Hallmark-esque TV movies. Its formulaic plot, feel-good resolutions, and predictability make it the trash TV equivalent for Christmas time. Many willingly succumb to the charm of such movies during the festive season, as evidenced by its prominent placement in Netflix’s top ten lists across the world.

Catering Christmas isn’t the only holiday-themed film dominating the top ten charts. Joining Catering Christmas in the festive lineup are Best. Christmas. Ever!, Dr Seuss’ The Grinch, and The Christmas Chronicles, which has clung to its top ten status for seven consecutive weeks. 

Clearly, audiences worldwide are revelling in the magic of Christmas, turning to these cheery tales to usher in the holiday spirit. Whether you’re a fan of cheesy Christmas movies or a more discerning viewer, the Netflix top ten is offering a little something for everyone this holiday season.

You can watch Catering Christmas on Netflix and catch the trailer here.