The best zombie movie to watch on Netflix now
(Credit: Netflix)


The best zombie movie to watch on Netflix now

Netflix understands that different people have different needs. They know the importance of catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences. By offering a diverse catalogue, including horror and zombie flicks, they ensure that fans of these genres can find thrilling and chilling content.

Netflix has it all and is also home to plenty of gore and violence. But everything gory does not have to be horrific. A dose of fun can liven up the genre too, which is why Zombieland might just be the best zombie movie to watch on Netflix right now. It blends undead chaos and laughs seamlessly (similar to Santa Clarita Diet; gone too soon).

Directed by Ruben Fleischer, the 2009 post-apocalyptic thriller comedy takes audiences on a wild ride through a zombie-infested America. With his sharp direction and skilful blend of horror and comedy, Fleischer brings a fresh and entertaining twist to the zombie genre. The movie follows four survivors who form an unlikely alliance while navigating the undead wasteland.

The cast is led by Jesse Eisenberg, who plays the neurotic and rule-abiding Columbus—rule number 34 being his best rule, ‘Enjoy the little things’. He is joined by Woody Harrelson, who portrays the tough and Twinkie-loving Tallahassee. Emma Stone shines as the resourceful and sarcastic Wichita, while Abigail Breslin adds a touch of youthfulness as her younger sister, Little Rock.

Bill Murray makes a cameo appearance as himself in the film. This surprise twist added a layer of humour and became one of the film’s most memorable moments. There is also a rad action sequence at an amusement park, and that was Fleischer’s significant contribution to the movie as per Collider, “When I got aboard, there wasn’t. It wasn’t set at an amusement park.”

Fleischer continued, “So yeah, I guess to a degree that was my contribution, and it really worked out terrifically. I mean, it was hard work shooting all night and dealing with the coals.  We had Abbie at the top of a ride in almost freezing weather.  It was incredible.  The only other movie that I know that has a big action sequence set in an amusement park is Beverly Hills cop three, which isn’t a great movie and the action in that park isn’t great, and it’s during the day time, which to me is visually not nearly as interesting as nighttime.”

But despite shooting at giant mansions and amusement parks, and a box office gross of $102.4 million, the film actually had a modest budget of $23.6 million.

Over the years, Zombieland has attained somewhat of a cult status. It even spawned a lacklustre sequel in 2019, Zombieland: Double Tap, named after Columbus’ rule number two: always double tap the undead to make sure they are really off to the afterlife. It reunited the original cast and continued the post-apocalyptic adventures.