‘1922’ to ‘The Babysitter’: 10 of the goriest horror movies on Netflix
(Credits: Netflix)


'1922' to 'The Babysitter': 10 of the goriest horror movies on Netflix

There is a corner on Netflix, a realm of macabre and spine-chilling cinema, where the goriest films await those with a taste for visceral thrills and terrifying spectacles. These blood-soaked masterpieces are not meant to be digestible to all, and they can leave even the most ardent horror fans gasping for breath and questioning the limits of their own tolerance for blood, guts, and full-on gore.

First up is the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead, where survivors fight tooth and nail against hordes of the undead in a post-apocalyptic world. It promises relentless gore and terrifying encounters. In the 2013 reimagining of Evil Dead, we visit a cabin retreat that turns into a nightmarish descent into demonic possession and dismemberment. Prepare for a visceral and haunting experience.

The intense South Korean thriller Train to Busan (2016) will take you on a harrowing journey aboard a speeding train crawling with infested zombies. It Comes at Night (2017) delivers psychological horror as a family battles an unseen evil outside their secure home. Paranoia escalates, culminating in moments of violence and atmospheric dread.

Based on a Stephen King novella, 1922 (2017) explores the dark heart of rural horror. Experience a slow-burning narrative full of guilt and madness, accompanied by blood-soaked consequences and rats…so many rats!

The Ritual (2017) leads a group of friends into a foreboding forest, where ancient evil awaits. The unassuming The Babysitter (2017) blends dark comedy with gore galore. A young boy must fight for his life against an attractive babysitter and her satanic cult.

Apostle (2018) delves into religious fanaticism and dark secrets on a remote island. Witness gruesome rituals and a descent into madness as a man tries to rescue his sister. The 8th Night (2021) introduces supernatural horror where you can join a group of individuals battling an ancient evil over eight nights. Expect chilling suspense and gruesome confrontations.

Lastly, Day Shift (2022) combines horror, comedy, the supernatural, and action in sun-soaked Los Angeles. Follow a pool cleaner who hunts vampires by night in this high-octane flick full of graphic violence.

Goriest films on Netflix:

  • Dawn of the Dead (2004)
  • Evil Dead (2013)
  • Train to Busan (2016)
  • It Comes at Night (2017)
  • 1922 (2017)
  • The Ritual (2017)
  • The Babysitter (2017)
  • Apostle (2018)
  • The 8th Night (2021)
  • Day Shift (2022)