The animated movie dominating the US Netflix charts
(Credit: Netflix)


The animated movie dominating the US Netflix charts

Every so often, a movie will take hold of Netflix‘s top ten charts. it will be an algorithmic success that defies all logic and refuses to budge for a week or two from the centre point of the entire platform. However, one animated kids’ film has been everpresent on the United States chart for nine weeks.

The year 2017 witnessed the release of an animated film that took both kids and adults by surprise – Boss Baby. This quirky comedy, directed by Tom McGrath and produced by DreamWorks Animation, follows the story of a suit-wearing, briefcase-carrying, and highly articulate baby named Ted (voiced by Alec Baldwin) who teams up with his older brother, Tim, to thwart an evil plot by the Puppy Co. corporation.

Despite initial scepticism, Boss Baby has achieved an unusual milestone – spending a remarkable nine weeks in the Netflix top 10 chart in the United States. This unexpected success leaves us wondering why such a peculiar and seemingly forgettable film has captured the hearts of millions and maintained its reign on the streaming platform.

At first glance, Boss Baby appears to be a bizarre and unlikely choice for prolonged popularity. The concept of a baby in a suit acting like a corporate executive is absurd, to say the least. The movie’s plot stretches the boundaries of imagination and is peppered with fantastical elements that are difficult to reconcile with reality. However, therein lies the charm of this quirky film – it embraces its offbeat nature unapologetically, and this sets it apart from conventional animated features.

The success of Boss Baby can be partially attributed to its clever writing and the excellent voice work of the controversial figure of Alec Baldwin. The film’s screenplay manages to inject humour and satire into the corporate world, presenting it in a way that is both amusing and relevant to adult viewers. Baldwin’s charismatic delivery of Ted’s witty one-liners adds depth to the character, transforming him into an unlikely hero that many viewers couldn’t resist rooting for. The combination of smart dialogue, slapstick comedy, and heartwarming moments creates a unique viewing experience that appeals to a broad audience.

Furthermore, Boss Baby benefits from being an animated movie, a genre that has proven its appeal across generations. Animated films often appeal to both children and adults due to their ability to explore complex themes while maintaining a sense of whimsy and wonder. This dual-layered approach allows Boss Baby to cater to the tastes of younger audiences with its colourful visuals and cute characters while simultaneously entertaining adults with its witty humour and satirical take on corporate culture.

The film’s longevity in Netflix’s top ten chart can also be attributed to a combination of timing and word-of-mouth marketing. When Boss Baby first arrived on Netflix, it coincided with a period of increased streaming viewership, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic when people sought comfort and entertainment indoors. As more users discovered the film, positive reviews and recommendations from satisfied viewers spread like wildfire, fueling its popularity.

Another aspect that might have contributed to its enduring success is the dearth of strong competition. While new and popular titles periodically debut on the streaming platform, the absence of other groundbreaking animated features during the period of Boss Baby‘s reign allowed it to maintain its presence in the most popular chart.

Nevertheless, the staying power of Boss Baby also raises questions about the preferences of Netflix viewers and the streaming platform’s algorithm itself. The movie’s remarkable ability to compete with new and more recent releases in the ost popular chart could indicate that the algorithm is favouring it over other, arguably more deserving titles. This potential flaw in the algorithm highlights the complexity of predicting audience preferences and raises questions about the accuracy of Netflix’s popularity rankings.

Its ability to appeal to children and adults, fortuitous timing, and word-of-mouth marketing played pivotal roles in its prolonged reign. However, the movie’s sustained popularity also raises questions about the streaming platform’s algorithm and the varying tastes of its audience. Despite its peculiar premise, Boss Baby has proven that even the most unlikely contenders can carve a place in the hearts of viewers, making it a true testament to the magic of animated storytelling.