The Alec Baldwin animation dominating the Netflix charts
(Credit: Netflix)

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The Alec Baldwin animation dominating the Netflix charts

Things got wild when an American comedian, actor, and producer pulled up his baby pants. Yes, that’s right, we are talking about the one and only The Boss Baby, dubbed by Alec Baldwin. Alec Baldwin has produced some of the biggest comedic hits of our time. The Boss Baby is definitely one of them. Following the same line of humour as the Despicable Me franchise, the movie keeps coming back to trend on the charts. 

The Boss Baby is a CGI feature film belonging to the genre of comedy. Created in the year 2017, the film has been hitting the popular charts frequently. It is for films and shows of this stature that Netflix has been able to maintain a loyal fanbase. The film’s grand success made the franchise grow. In 2022, Netflix picked up a show called The Boss Baby: Back in the Crib. Alongside, sequels to the original movie have been released over the years called The Boss Baby: Back in Business, and The Boss Baby: Family Business. 

Currently ranking on Netflix charts at the eighth position, the film has managed to create more buzz than it ever had again. With a wide array of stars playing different characters, Dreamwork’s refined standards of animation bring life to the imaginative world. The plot is based on Tim, played by Tobey Maguire, who loved his life with his parents. Until a new baby arrives and disrupts peace at home. Now Tim finds he has to share the love and attention with his young brother, which he struggles with. 

Soon Tim finds Boss baby to behave like an adult when his parents aren’t around. He finds and tries to record the baby holding a squad meeting with other kids in the neighbourhood under the disguise of a play date. However, things explode once Baby realises Tim knows his truth. He then takes Tim to Baby Corp to show him where babies are made. Soon after, he explains to Tim that out of the normal production of babies, those who don’t get tickled get special baby formula and become agents. 

Boss Baby has been sent to the Templetons to find out why Baby Corp has been threatened by the growing love for puppies. And Tim’s parents work at Puppy Corp, therefore, adding to Boss Baby’s motif of choosing the house. Tim makes a deal with Baby to help him get the information he needs so he can leave Tim and his family alone. Otherwise, if Boss Baby gets fired, he becomes a permanent member of the Templeton family and forgets everything as he is turned into an ordinary kid. 

The film’s central theme revolves around that love is complete for all. It is not something that can be shared but received wholeheartedly. Eventually, as the events transpire, Baby and Tim find that they need each other and settle to choose a life together when possible. With a beautiful underlying message and a star-studded cast who did their best to act through their voice, The Boss Baby was made a hit. Some well-known faces who also acted in the film include Lisa Kudrow, Jimmy Kimmel, Tom McGrath, Steve Buscemi, Jeff Goldblum, and James Marsden, amongst others.  

If you love animation and have been looking for a new watch, add The Boss Baby and its sequels to your list now! Alec Baldwin and others, along with Dreamworks, will surely not disappoint. It might just be the refreshing and unique plot you were looking to watch over the weekend. 

The Boss Baby: Back in Business now trending and currently streaming on Netflix. Watch the trailer for the 2017 movie here!