‘The Adam Project’ director shares inspiration for the Netflix hit
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'The Adam Project' director shares inspiration for the Netflix hit

There are few steps Ryan Reynolds has taken across his career that could be called missteps. It would seem that anything the Deadpool star touches had the ability to turn to gold and his latest film for Netflix, following the astounding success of Red Notice has seen him become a darling once more. Now, the director of the film, Shawn Levy, has shared the inspiration behind the movie.

Levy is one of the hottest directorial properties around and his work with Reynolds has only seen his star rise further. “As I’m sure you know, Ryan and I do not take for granted that we’ve been allowed to make back to back big-budget, original tent poles in a film culture that rarely, rarely makes them anymore, based on no IP or franchise,” Levy told ComicBook.com in an interview.

“I guess like any director, my film influences, it runs through my veins like cinematic DNA. Certainly Amblin, early Spielberg, Zemeckis, but those influences are varied and you’re absolutely right.” Similarly, The Adam Project is a blockbuster designed to navigate personal journies with the entire audience in mind, a la Jurassic Park, E.T., and Back to the Future.

During the conversation, Levy also picked out a classic title, currently on Netflix, as one of his favourite movies of all time. “Good Will Hunting is a top 10 movie for me,” Levy said. “The ‘it’s not your fault’ scene is instant legend. It’s a scene and a movie I’ve watched 30 times and we really wanted our movie to culminate with this catharsis where one character is trying to share something emotional with the other, and the other is not capable of taking it in.

“And as we know in real life”, he continued, “if someone’s not going to take in connection, take in feeling, sometimes you got to hammer them with it. And so, I just said, on that day I said, ‘Mark [Ruffalo], get through to Ryan. Get through to him.’ And Ryan resisted, and the more Ryan resisted Mark went at him and the result is the beautiful emotional scene that ends our movie.”

It has given The Adam Project another huge opportunity to cash in on Reynolds and Levy’s blossoming relationship.

Watch the trailer for The Adam Project below.