The 5 worst Netflix Original shows in 2022
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The 5 worst Netflix Original shows in 2022

Last year, we ended the annum with a bittersweet compilation of the worst Netflix Original shows of 2021. This year is no different because the many pitfalls of our favourite streaming service deserve to be celebrated in their own way too.

Netflix has released lots of new content over the years, delivering great work across all genres. However, after an economic meltdown in the beginning of 2022 – despite having a hugely successful 2021 – Netflix decided to change its model by introducing ad-supported content and barring password sharing.

However, the platform’s actual problem boils down to its incessant creation of content and how it often prioritizes quantity over quality. By constantly adding new titles which are often pretty drab and boring, they reinforce the concerns of auteurs like Martin Scorsese who constantly worry about the effect of streamers on the future of cinema. 

To the chagrin of fans, many times, the streamer notoriously cancels shows that are popular among fans without any rhyme or reason (for example I Am Not Okay With This). The streamer leaves these shows on cliffhangers. Some of its latest victims include The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself, Fate: The Winx Saga, Warrior Nun, and First Kill.

If you are interested in indulging in a bad-series-marathon, here are the five worst Netflix Original shows of 2022, ranked from bad to worst: 

The 5 worst Netflix Original shows in 2022:

First Kill (Victoria Schwab)

Starring Sarah Catherine Hook as Juliette Fairmont and Imani Lewis as Clliope ‘Cal’ Burns, this Netflix series is a classic tale of star-crossed sapphic romance between these two teenagers who are separated by their position in the social hierarchy and obligations towards their family. To fit into her family, Cal must take on her role of a vampire hunter and slay her love interest Juliette which leads to moral dilemmas, tension and heartbreak.

Based on the short story by the best-selling author Victoria “V. E.” Schwab (who is also the creator of the series), the Netflix show was written by Scwab and Felicia D. Henderson. The show has, however, been cancelled after the first season- while the streamer took a pretty major risk by adapting a story that does not have a significant fanbase, it quickly shelved plans of a possible second season as it failed to resonate much with fans.

Is It Cake (Alex Van Wagner)

This Netflix baking rendezvous is pretty self-explanatory from the title of the show itself. Hosted by Mike Day, the show sees contestants take part in a challenge to replicate inanimate objects as cakes. While the diverse range of talent is fascinating, after the first episode, it gets pretty boring since there’s nothing new to look at. Every episode is the same- “is it cake?”

With long-drawn forty-minute episodes and a plethora of jokes that Day unfortunately could not land, the series was surprisingly some of the most popular shows on Netflix throughout the month of April. But we fail to understand why- the show missed saccharine succinctness which would have probably made for a more enjoyable watch (besides a new host).

The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window (Michael Lehmann) 

Yet another show that received pretty low ratings here on Best of Netflix, Lehmann’s show had a promising cast but the wine-fueled spoof was not half as good as the films it derived heavily from, namely The Woman in the Window and The Girl on Train

Starring Kristen Bell as an ombrophobic painter who relies heavily on substance abuse to repress previous trauma, the series sees the painter become heavily involved in the lives of the neighbours across the street. With death playing a concurrent motif besides Bell’s overactive imagination, the series fails to juggle the themes it tries to take on. Even Glenn Close’s sinister (read: iconic) cameo cannot resuscitate the series from being an absolute failure.

The Pentaverate (Tim Kirkby)

Starring Mike Myers in various alter egos were the characters that pay tribute to his eclectic filmography, including Shrek, Austin Powers trilogy etc. He is joined by actors like Keegan-Michael Key, Lydia West, Ken Jeong etc on this “limited series”.

While The Pentaverate was a success among fans and Mike Myers was definitely a fun and enigmatic presence, the series failed to keep up a refreshing perspective throughout the six episodes, often making the comical premise pretty hard to slog through.

Resident Evil (Bronwen Hughes) 

With eight hour-long episodes that are adapted from the popular and titular 1996 franchise, Netflix’s adaptation of Resident Evil was considered one of the worst shows made by far, receiving meagre ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. Thankfully, this nightmare was cancelled after a torturous first season.

Starring Lance Riddick, Ella Balinska, Siena Agudong, Tamara Smart and Paola Nunez, the main focus of the series is the two timelines, with the first involving fourteen-year-old teenage sisters Billie and Jade Weser, who relocate to New Raccoon City. The second timeline is a futuristic world where thirty-year-old Jade grapples with past trauma while trying to survive an apocalyptic scenario.