‘Supacell’ ending explained: is the future rewritten?
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'Supacell' ending explained: is the future rewritten?

It’s always a risk for any Netflix series to end its first season on a cliffhanger when there are no guarantees that a renewal will be forthcoming, but there’s reason to believe the story of Supacell is nowhere near finished.

Winning rave reviews from critics and earning the seal of approval from Jay-Z, creator Rapman’s inner-city superhero story balanced spectacular action sequences with relevant and timely social, political, and economic themes, with the musician and filmmaker sharing how “I’ve very much made clear that I want to do three seasons minimum.”

Time will tell if he gets his wish, but subscribers will certainly be hoping he does after the sixth and final episode of the first season answered just as many questions as it asked. The anchor for Supacell‘s narrative is Tosin Cole’s Michael, who makes it his mission to unite the other powered individuals he’s seen in a future that’s yet to pass, one where Adelayo Adedayo’s fiancé Dionne is killed.

That’s about all he’s got to go on, but after finally achieving his goal and getting Eric Kofi-Abrefa’s super-strong Andre, Calvin Demba’s speedster Rodney, Josh Tedeku’s invisible Tazer, and Nadine Mills’s telekinetic Sabrina on the same page, he discovers that some fates can’t be outrun.

During their final showdown against the shady forces of the clandestine organisation being run by Eddie Marsan’s Ray and Sian Brooke’s Victoria, Michael thinks he’s prevented Dionne’s death by killing Ghetts’ Krazy. However, when he pulls out a gun, Rodney uses his powers to prevent Michael from being shot, only for the bullet to be deflected through a car windshield and into Dionne.

Will there be a season two of Supacell?

Michael is understandably devastated that despite the lengths he went to in order to keep her safe she’s met the exact fate he spied in a completely different future, with the coda to Supacell ensuring that any prospective second season will find him using her memory as his driving force.

Meeting with the rest of his team, each member has questions they need answered. Sabrina’s sister Sharleen is still missing, Andre’s son is in danger of being lured into gang violence, and Tazer is desperate to find out what happened to his deceased mother. Michael informs the group he’s going into the future to find out, and make the culprits pay for what they’ve done.

Michael may not have been able to rewrite the future in the way that he wanted after it was proven in the most heart-wrenching fashion that Dionne was destined to die, but that grief will spur him on to take the fight to the enemies if and when Supacell returns.