Jay-Z heralds new sci-fi Netflix release ‘Supacell’
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Jay-Z heralds new sci-fi Netflix release 'Supacell'

Jay-Z has approved an upcoming sci-fi program headed to Netflix. He recently spoke to Rapman, the creator of the show Supacell, and described the production as “crazy.” 

Supacell is the long-awaited series by Rapman. It stars a good cast, including Tosin Cole (Till, Doctor Who) and Adelaya Adedayo (Some Girls, The Responder). It follows a group of people from South London who unexpectedly develop superpowers. 

Rapman was understandably excited when he received Jay-Z’s comments on the show. “It’s cool that Jay-Z saw the first few episodes maybe three, four months ago – early on,” he said. 

He recalls bumping into the rapper in LA and feeling incredibly supported by his comments. “I saw him in LA a couple of months back and he was just telling me, ‘This storytelling is crazy, the way you intertwine the characters’,” he said, “He was proper bigging it up so it was just nice to see the support.” 

Though the full plot details of Supacell are unknown, it is understood that the group of South Londoners who develop superpowers begin to use their newfound abilities to offer power and protection to others. 

Rapman announced plans for the six-part drama in 2020, and Netflix saw the overwhelming support for a sci-fi series with a predominantly black cast. Discussions then started between the streaming platform and Jay-Z’s production company, Roc Nation, which Rapman has been signed to for roughly six years. 

“Jay-Z is an influential person and I appreciate all the support from Roc Nation and from everyone,” said Rapman, reflecting on his time working under the production company, “I don’t like to go into a room and be the biggest person because I feel like you can’t learn much.” 

He continued, “So, I like going into a room and seeing [Jay-Z and business partners] as it just makes me want to work harder, to become more of a peer than under because I’m the type of person who wants to be equal…. Obviously, Jay-Z is a billionaire, one of the richest men in the world and one of the most successful so it lets me know that I’ve still got a lot of work to do.” 

Watch the trailer for Supacell below.