Stephen King calls new Netflix thriller “terrific”
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Stephen King calls new Netflix thriller “terrific”

The iconic author and producer Stephen King is a pretty great judge of TV and cinema, with the famed icon recently giving his opinion to a brand new Netflix series. 

The series in question is the brand new Netflix show The Diplomat, starring Keri Russell, Rufus Sewell, Rory Kinnear and Pearl Mackie. The dramatic thriller tells the story of Kate Wyler (Russell), a diplomat who walks into a high-profile job, despite the fact that she is not entirely suited for the role, with the series following her efforts to make the most of her position whilst juggling a tricky personal life.

Taking to Twitter to voice his opinion on the show, King wrote: “The Diplomat (Netflix) is just terrific. Dialogue so sharp it could cut your skin, as my old buddy Peter Straub used to say. Bonus: No teen angst”. 

Whilst his high opinion of The Diplomat is interesting, what might be more fascinating is his clear dislike of contemporary “teen angst” flicks. Quite what King is making reference to is unclear, but we can only assume that he’s alluding to such shows as Sex Education, The Half of It and 13 Reasons Why

Take a look at the trailer for The Diplomat below, and enjoy the fantastic show that is streaming on Netflix right now.