Stephen Graham will solve the same crime over and over again in ‘Bodies’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Stephen Graham will solve the same crime over and over again in 'Bodies'

The upcoming Netflix crime drama Bodies will see Stephen Graham solve the same crime four times over. The show sees the same murder occurring several times over a period of 150 years and has been based on the 2015 graphic novel by Si Spencer of the same name by British TV screenwriter Paul Tomalin.

Bodies sounds like a truly unique offering where four detectives from across a century and a half are linked by their desire to solve their particular murder case. Interestingly, rather than each case being about a different victim, it looks as though the same person has been killed each time.

The first of the cases takes place in 1890s Jack the Ripper era London, where detective Edmond Hillinghead comes across a murder case that none of his colleagues wants to take on. Fifty years later, a keen adventurer by the name of Charles Whiteman finds another dead body in the backdrop of the Blitz in London.

Flashing way forward into the 21st Century, another detective, Sahara Hasan, finds an unidentified body, and the story culminates in the futuristic 2050s when another investigator comes across a killing of ritualistic significance, and it comes to light that it may be linked to the century-old conspiracy. 

Stephen Graham’s character is called Elias Mannix, although little is known about his backstory. Amaka Okafor, from The Sandman, will play the role of DS Hasan, Kyle Soller will star as DI Hillinghead, Shira Haas, of Netflix’s Unorthodox, will portray the future police investigator Maplewood, Jacob Fortune-Lloyd, from The Queen’s Gambit, will play DS Whiteman. Elsewhere, Tom Mothersdale, Michael Jibson, Derek Riddel, Emily Barber and Gabriel Howell also join the cast.

The Peaky Blinders team are taking on the series, who, of course, worked with Graham before. Filming started early last year and had been set to be completed in November. As of yet, there is no official release date, so keep your eyes peeled for a future announcement.