‘Squid Game’ star  Lee Jung-jae confirms release date for new season
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'Squid Game' star Lee Jung-jae confirms release date for new season

After becoming one of the most popular Netflix series of all time, it was something of an inevitability that Squid Game would eventually deliver a second series. The South Korean dystopian drama first appeared on the streaming service back in 2021, but the sequel is set to arrive sooner than you might think. 

Back in February, Netflix unveiled the first teaser clips of the show’s second series, revolving around the character of Seong Gi-hun – the protagonist played by Lee Jung-jae. These enigmatic teasers certainly built the excitement for Squid Game’s return, once again exposing audiences to the iconic imagery of the show. 

That teaser trailer seemed to confirm that season two of Squid Game would arrive at some point this year, sooner than fans initially anticipated. Now, actor Lee Jung-jae has let some more details slip. While promoting the recent Disney Star Wars series The Acolyte, Jung-jae revealed to Business Insider that “[Squid Game] will be released in December”.

Netflix have yet to confirm or deny the actor’s comments, though the streaming platform has not announced an official release date for the programme. The first series of Squid Game was released in September of 2021, capturing the imaginations of a viewing audience across the globe.

After amassing 1.65 billion viewing hours, 14 Emmy nominations, and a fairly lacklustre reality-TV spin-off, Netflix commissioned a second series of the South Korean drama in June 2022. Lee Jung-jae has been attached to the project from the start, but it is – at the time of writing – unclear which other cast members will be returning for the second series. 

One actor who certainly will not be returning to Netflix for Squid Game season two is O Yeong-su, who won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Oh Il-nam in series one. In March, the actor was sentenced to eight years in prison, along with a two-year suspension, and 40 hours of sexual violence education, after being found guilty of sexual assault. 

That was not the only case of controversy surrounding Squid Game, as its reality-TV spin-off released in November 2023, was accused of serious safeguarding oversights. Multiple serious injuries were reported on the set of Squid Game: The Challenge. As a result, viewership for the spin-off paled in comparison to the original show.