‘Sky High: The Series’ has been cancelled after one season
(Credit: Netflix)


'Sky High: The Series' has been cancelled after one season

In March, the Spanish action drama Sky High: The Series debuted on Netflix. Created as the sequel to the 2020 film Sky High, it has now been cancelled after just one season.

The Netflix original movie, which also received a small theatrical release via Universal, was directed by Daniel Calparsoro and starred Miguel Herrán, known for his roles in Elite and Money Heist. 

The actor played a suburban mechanic whose life is changed after he meets a woman named Estrella, portrayed by Carolina Yuste, leading him to enter a life of crime. 

A year after the film’s release, the sequel series was announced, created by Calparsoro and Jorge Guerricaechevarría, who wrote the movie. The series’ cast included Alana La Hija del Jeque, Asia Ortega Leiva, Álvaro Rico, Carmen Sánchez and Áyax Pedrosa. 

However, the show has now been cancelled, although an official reason has not been given. Most likely, Sky High: The Series did not reach a wide enough audience for Netflix to renew it for another series. 

Its cancellation comes alongside the recent canning of two other Spanish-language shows by the streamer – Welcome to Eden and In Love All Over Again

Although Sky High: The Series racked up 55,610,000 hours watched, entering several global top tens for three weeks, this clearly wasn’t enough for Netflix to keep the show alive.