Showrunner confirms planned ‘Disenchantment’ ending
(Credit: Netflix)

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Showrunner confirms planned 'Disenchantment' ending

The beloved Netflix cartoon, Disenchantment, is nearing its conclusion, but fans have mixed feelings – particularly regarding whether the ongoing strikes have affected it. Showrunner Josh Weinstein, however, has stepped forward to confirm the ending was always planned.

Developed by Weinstein and The Simpsons creator Matt Groening, Disenchantment is set to debut its fifth and last season in September. The series features Abbi Jacobson lending as Bean, a rebellious princess in the whimsical fantasy realm of Dreamland. Alongside her, Eric Andre voices the witty demon Luci, while Nat Faxon portrays the gentle elf, Elfo.

The sudden announcement of the show’s closure caught many of its loyal fanbase off guard. Weinstein, however, has been active on social media, shedding light on the situation. He emphasised that the decision to conclude the series had been taken well before the scripting of the new episodes.

A fan reached out on Twitter, questioning if the show had initially been slated for a six-season run and if Weinstein and the team managed to wrap up the story as intended in the final season. Weinstein replied, “Hi. Because of the strike, we can’t promote the show, but I can talk about it on my social media.”

Continuing, he explained: “Yes, we actually got to wrap up everything we wanted because we knew this was the final season long before we started planning it/writing it, then we had a long time before the strike to finesse/finalise it so I hope fans will be happy.”

Weinstein had a significant stint on The Simpsons, holding the showrunner title for its seventh and eighth seasons alongside Bill Oakley between 1995 and 1997.

Netflix dropped a trailer for Disenchantment earlier this week, giving fans a sneak peek of what to expect. Take a look below.