Shin Ye-eun has lost followers because of her role in ‘The Glory’
(Credit: Netflix)


Shin Ye-eun has lost followers because of her role in 'The Glory'

The Glory is one of the most-watched programmes on Netflix this month. The gritty vengeance thriller racked up over 124million hours viewed in its first week and has continued to reap the watchers ever since. However, it hasn’t been so popular with the fans of star Shin Ye-eun.

The South Korean actor is one of the stars of the critically-acclaimed K-drama but has suffered a loss of Instagram followers since the series aired. She plays the younger version of Park Yeon-jin, played by Lim Ji-yeon, but has insisted that her social media following has taken a hit since taking the series on.

“[The older Park Yeon-jin] is played by Lim Ji-yeon, and she’s getting a lot of messages about the hair curler,” said host Seo Jang-hoon, when Shin Ye-eun was interviewed on SBS. The reference was to a dramatic moment in which Park Yeon-jin burn’s her advisory. “Ye-eun, did you get those messages too?”

“People actually unfollowed me,” Shin replied with a faint smile. Success, it would seem, is difficult for some fans to handle.

The Glory has now become the seventh most-popular Non-English TV release on Netflix to date, with a current total of 380million hours viewed within its first 28 days of release. Part two of the K-drama premiered on March 10th, three months after the first season arrived at the end of December 2022.