‘Shadow And Bone’ fan petition collects over 130,000 signatures to save show
(Credit: Netflix)

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'Shadow And Bone' fan petition collects over 130,000 signatures to save show

A petition from fans advocating for the salvation of the Netflix series Shadow And Bone has gathered more than 130,000 signatures.

The fantasy series, along with other Netflix productions like Glamorous, Agent Elvis, Farzar, and Captain Fall, was cancelled after two seasons earlier this month.

After the resolution of the SAG-AFTRA strike, which caused substantial production delays, the decision was reached. According to Deadline, it’s presumed that this choice stemmed from the delays and the relatively tepid reception of the show’s second season.

Following the cancellation, fans have rallied in various campaigns to rescue the show, urging for its acquisition by another streaming service, much like the efforts seen for series such as Warrior Nun and The Expanse.

A petition started by Crypitcal 723, which currently has over 130,000 signatures, reads: “Netflix has prematurely canceled any prospects of season three and the Six of Crows spin-off. The Crows and Alina deserve to have their stories finished, not left on a ridiculous cliffhanger and left in the dust.  

“This is a petition to gain attention of other streaming services, such as Amazon, Hulu, HBO, or any other streaming services so we can receive the third season like we deserve. Warrior Nun has done it; the Grishaverse is as large and passionate, and we can do it too. PLEASE SIGN so we get the season 3 and spin-off we deserve!”

In response to the fan campaign, Eric Heisserer, the showrunner for Shadow And Bone, shared that any determination regarding the show’s future will require some time.

“The truth is, every bit helps — whether it’s to turn the lights back on at Netflix, or to find a foster parent who will take us in,” Heisserer said. “It will take some time, either way. This time of year is the trickiest, since so many studios and streamers are shutting down/restructuring/waiting for the dust to settle post-strike.”

“Big decisions will likely be pushed to the top of next year. I’m not asking for patience — I certainly don’t have any more, after being strung along for months. I’m just setting expectations,” he added.