Shadow and Bone cast react to show cancellation: “I’m lost for words”
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Shadow and Bone cast react to show cancellation: "I'm lost for words"

The cast of the popular Netflix series Shadow and Bone have reacted to its cancellation, expressing both their gratitude and sadness on social media.

Shadow and Bone, along with other Netflix productions like Glamorous, Agent Elvis, Farzar, and Captain Fall, was cancelled after two seasons earlier this month.

After the resolution of the SAG-AFTRA strike, which caused substantial production delays, the decision was reached. According to Deadline, it’s presumed that this choice stemmed from the delays and the relatively tepid reception of the show’s second season.

Following its cancellation, Archie Renaux, who played Malyen, wrote: “Unfortunately, [the show] has come to an end. Loved working on the show and loved working with everyone involved, truly a special time in my life. I’m sorry to all our writers that won’t be able to share the next chapter in the story. Thanks for all the support you’ve given.”

Amita Suman said that she is “lost for words” while paying a heartfelt tribute to her character, Inej. She wrote: “She has given me in abundance, a found family, unforgettable memories, laughter lines and the honour of working alongside a cast and crew I looked forward to seeing everyday.”

Ben Barnes, who played General Krigan, wrote on Instagram: “I was so excited to watch the brilliant, beautiful humans I love so much who made Shadow & Bone take this world, their characters and this story onwards. This part of the journey is sorrowful, and I am so proud to have been a part of it.”

Freddy Carter said:: “At some point, I’II have the right words to express the immense gratitude I feel to everyone who put their whole hearts into making, watching and supporting Shadow and Bone. Until then, I’ll just say, thank you.”

Fans have also expressed their utmost disappointment at the premature cancellation of the show, and have initiated a number of campaigns, including a petition, in the hopes that another network will pick up the show.