‘Sex/Life’ creator discusses sex scenes and future plans
(Credit: Netflix)


‘Sex/Life’ creator discusses sex scenes and future plans

With the second season of Sex/Life over, fans are already looking forward to the possibility of a third instalment. The last series ended happily, with Brad and Billie finally getting together. According to creator and showrunner Stacy Rukeyser, however, there’s so much more to tell.

As it stands, Netflix hasn’t officially renewed Sex/Life for a third season. Of course, that doesn’t mean it won’t at some point down the line. The finale ends with Billie and Brad getting married on the beach and Billie revealing she is pregnant.

Rukesyer has explained that if Netflix decides to renew the show for a third season, we’ll know within the next month. “Netflix has two calls,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “One is after ten days and one is after 28 days. And that’s when your fate is decided.”

In that same THR interview, the showrunner said she hopes to continue telling this story of female sexuality, spilling the tea on some of the most talked-about sex scenes from the second season. “It’s interesting because I have seen some people who are upset that there wasn’t more sex this season,” she began. “And then there are some people who are upset because there was more sex this season, and it’s too much sex. “

“The [full-frontal nudity] scene with Jonathan Sadowski is hysterical,” she continued, “and I’m glad people are talking about it. It’s great comeuppance for his character. We do punish male characters who act the way Devon [Sadowski] acts in this season. I think that Jonathan is really a comic genius and is hysterical in the scene. And, by the way, Mike Vogel is also a comic genius. Because in both of our full-frontal scenes, both seasons, it’s Mike’s reaction that really sells it.”

Rukesyer also confirmed her intimacy coordinator’s claims that Sadowski wore a prosthetic penis for his nude scene. “She’s out loud and proud saying that,” the showrunner said. “And I think Adam [Demos], speaking to you guys, said his was also [last season]. We had said together last season that a gentleman never tells. He said that first and I just kind of picked up on it. But I know Casey is saying that, which maybe makes people feel more comfortable about that scene!”