Season three of ‘Heartstopper’ has entered production
(Credit: Netflix)


Season three of 'Heartstopper' has entered production

Netflix has confirmed that season three of their popular teen series Heartstopper is in production.

On October 3rd, several members of the cast and crew were spotted filming on Lyme Regis beach, as well as shooting several scenes within the town. 

Heartstopper was renewed for a third season at the same time it was announced that fans would receive a second season. Upon the release of the first season in 2022, the show was an instant hit, racking up 14.55 million watched hours in its first week.

Based on Alice Oseman’s graphic novels and webcomics, Heartstopper follows the blossoming relationship between two gay schoolboys, Charlie and Nick. The show has been highly praised for its positive representation of LGBTQ+ characters.

Season two emerged in August, which sees Charlie and Nick continue their relationship, although they face several challenges from outside of their close circle. Meanwhile, their friends continue to experience their own highs and lows as they navigate adolescence.

Netflix has confirmed that the first episode is called ‘Love’. While little has been shared about the premise of season three, the graphic novels indicate that the characters will be starting college. 

Oseman shared (via Digital Spy), “I’m always very committed to preserving what is in the comics and making sure all the big, exciting moments are in the show, but honestly, there is just so much extra space around that to do whatever we want.” 

They added, “Now that we’ve got seasons one and two, we’ve had so much development for the supporting cast: Tao, Elle, Tara, Isaac, even new characters like Imogen. There’s so much new stuff that gives us so much to play with in season 3.”