‘Safe House’ ending explained: Why does Weston leak the files?
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'Safe House' ending explained: Why does Weston leak the files?

The 2012 action flick Safe House is one of the leanest, meanest movies of Denzel Washington’s career. Washington plays a rogue former CIA operative holding classified data he plans to use against intelligence agencies worldwide, opposite Ryan Reynolds playing the junior agent on his tail.

Washington’s character Tobin Frost is taken to the CIA safe house in South Africa that Agebt Matt Weston is supervising. Once the two have crossed paths, they seem to be inextricably linked, as Weston attempts to catch Frost himself in order to prove his worth to the CIA.

Ultimately, though, it’s Frost that he ends up proving himself to. After the two are caught up in a mercenary attack in the township of Larga, it’s revealed that the CIA have hired the mercenaries to capture the data Frost is holding on them. Frost convinces Weston to join forces with him, by recounting how his own team in the CIA largely seemed to involve the killing of innocents and whistleblowers.

From this point in the movie, Weston is also working against his own agency, and he engages in a fight to the death with the keeper of another CIA safe house in Cape Town. When his superior David Barlow arrives at the safe house, he divulges his own criminal behaviour to Weston and instructs him to lie about it. Barlow’s not done there, inflicting a mortal wound on Frost in an attempt to suppress the data he has on the CIA.

“Be better than me”

From nowhere, a bloodied and severely injured Weston fatally shoots Barlow. Why? Because Frost has explained to him that the data he holds incriminates the CIA and various other intelligence agencies. Barlow even admitted as much himself, disclosing that he himself would be incriminated if the data were released.

In a touching moment between the two former agents which hints at the bond forged between them, a dying Frost gives his data storage device to Weston. He tells him, “You know what you are? You’re better than me.” His final act is to urge Weston to share the information stored on the device.

Weston reports back to CIA headquarters in the United States, but denies any knowledge of the device’s whereabouts. Instead, he chooses to leak the data to the press. The film’s final moments show “widespread corruption and criminal activity” in the world’s intelligence services being reported by news outlets around the world.

In leaking the information, Weston had become one of the whistleblowers Frost said the CIA had been trying to kill while he was working for them. This courageous act finished what Frost had started, honouring his memory by bringing justice to bear against criminal intelligence agents.