Roy Choi hints at new ‘The Chef Show’ season
(Credit: Netflix)

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Roy Choi hints at new 'The Chef Show' season

Roy Choi has teased the return of The Chef Show following a three-year break. The Netflix cooking show featuring filmmaker Jon Favreau sees the pair invite celebrities and restaurant industry workers to conjure dish recipes as Favreau works behind the camera. 

The series was inspired by the filmmaker’s preparation for Chef, the 2014 road comedy about a cook who starts a food truck company after he loses his job at a famous Los Angeles restaurant. 

Speaking to Uproxx in 2019, Choi shared how the show came to be. “I think there really wasn’t any format. It was just ‘turn the camera on’ and see what we get,” the chef shared. “That’s really how it all developed. We just started cooking.

He added: “Sometimes you don’t plan it out ahead of the time. Sometimes you just gotta jump in and do it, and that’s really how this whole show started.”

The last episode aired in September 2020, and there has been little news of a new season following the pandemic. Favreau took a different route with his work on the Star Wars spin-off The Mandalorian, and Choi has dedicated his time to feeding communities in Los Angeles. 

However, this weekend, the ongoing radio silence changed when Choi teased a new season on Twitter, posting a picture of the show’s bus. In addition, Favreau might only be getting ready to shoot new episodes now since he has been overseeing Star Wars content for Disney+ throughout this hiatus of The Chef Show.

The series saw the two venture into various dishes, from Italian cuisine to baking, with additional interviews with the guests about what cooking and cuisine means to them. Past celebrity guests include Bill Burr, David Chang, Robert Downey Jr., Dave Filoni, Kevin Feige, Tom Holland, Robert Rodriguez, Seth Rogen, Sam Raimi, The Russo Brothers, Tom Holland, and Gwyneth Paltrow. 

Guests from the food industry include acclaimed chef Wolfgang Puck, Milk Bar CEO and founder Christina Tosi and restaurant owner and chef Evan Kleiman.

Netflix has yet to confirm a new season of The Chef Show.