Robbie Williams discusses recent weight loss ahead of Netflix documentary: “Babe, I’m on Ozempic”
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Robbie Williams discusses recent weight loss ahead of Netflix documentary: "Babe, I'm on Ozempic"

Ahead of the upcoming Netflix docu-series, Robbie Williams has discussed his significant weight loss and attributed it to a drug similar to Ozempic. He’s also outlined his weight’s negative impact on his mental health, the latter an issue explored in the new show. 

Robbie Williams is a four-part Netflix documentary. Using 30 years of behind-the-scenes footage, it charts his rise from Stoke-on-Trent to international stardom with Take That and as a solo artist. It also explores some of his darkest moments, including mental health issues, failed rehab attempts and a series of high-profile romances. It is scheduled for release on November 8th. 

“Babe, I’m on Ozempic,” he tells The Times about his recent weight loss in a new interview. “Well, something like Ozempic. It’s like a Christmas miracle. I’ve gone from 13st 13lb to 12st 1lb. And I need it, medically. I’ve been diagnosed with type 2 self-loathing. It’s shockingly catastrophic to my mental health to be bigger. My inner voice talks to me like Katie Hopkins talks about fat people. It’s maddening.”

“Dyspraxia, dyslexia, ADHD, neurodiversity, body dysmorphia, hypervigilance… There’s a new one that I acquired recently: HSP. Highly sensitive person. Post-traumatic stress disorder [PTSD]. And, obviously,” he says elsewhere in the interview. “I have an addictive personality. I haven’t got narcissistic personality disorder or split personality disorder, though. I looked at them last week and, obviously, I chose all the worst options. So if I did have it, I would proudly tell you. But I am collecting them all, like Scout badges.”

Discussing the making of Robbie Williams, the ‘Angels’ singer explained: “It was like watching a crash you were involved in, but in slo-mo. [Making the documentary] was like enduring your mental illness at a very, very slow pace, over a very, very long time. And it’s a niche thing to experience, you know. There aren’t many support groups for it.”

He continued: “When they asked me to make the documentary, I came up with a jingle for it. ‘Trauma watch!/ Trauma watch!/ Have a trauma watch!/ I was in Take That then I left Take That/ Then I did drugs and I got real fat.'”

Watch the trailer for Robbie Williams below.