See the official trailer for new Netflix Robbie Williams docuseries
(Credit: Netflix)

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See the official trailer for new Netflix Robbie Williams docuseries

Netflix has released the official trailer for a new docuseries following the life and times of British pop singer Robbie Williams

Joe Pearlman directed the new series with Ridley Scott on production duties, giving an unfiltered snapshot of Williams’ life. Over four episodes, we explore the star’s early rise to fame with Take That and his subsequent solo career marked by hit singles like ‘Millennium’ and ‘Angels’. 

Alongside the music were profound personal struggles, including battles with addiction and fame, as well as a tabloid candy feud with Oasis star Liam Gallagher

“It’s astounding what’s happened in my life, but the past has me in a headlock. Something has to give,” Williams said in the newly released footage. “You’re only supposed to do this at the pearly gates of St Peter, this looking back at your life.

“When I joined Take That at 16, it was insane. I was the centre of the pop culture world. I felt like I was giving more and more of myself away, to the point where you’re not somebody you recognise.”

“Being in the spotlight, you can’t trust anybody,” he added. “I was having a nervous-mental breakdown in front of thousands of people. The thing that would destroy me has also made me successful. Push the fire, push when it says pull, and see if I can live.”

“I don’t know how easy it is for people to get to know me. Who is this man? What does he mean? Who knows what’s to come? Pandora’s box has been opened,” Williams concluded.

Robbie Williams arrives on Netflix on November 8th. Watch the trailer below.