Rise in burns injuries following ‘Squid Game’ trend on TikTok
(Credit: Netflix)


Rise in burns injuries following 'Squid Game' trend on TikTok

The huge hype surrounding the Korean thriller Squid Game has spread throughout the world. Not hindered by subtitles or overdubbing, the series has become the talk of the town in workspaces, social clubs and, of course, schools.

Shockingly, the Netflix show is now being linked to a huge spike in burns cases after a TikTok trend seems to have encouraged one of the deadly games on the show. The British Burns Society is so worried it has issued a warning to parents.

The now-iconic show sees contestants face off against one another in a bid to win an unprecedented 46 billion won. The organisers of the games pick out a group of destitute debtors to ensure that their need for the money far outweighs their moral boundaries.

As such, what transpires is a brutal set of childhood games with deathly consequences. One such game is the honeycomb challenge which sees contestants attempting to cut out a shape from honeycomb using only a needle. It’s a traditional game from South Korea and one of the more interesting moments of the show.

As TikTok becomes the perfect place for the public to share their love of the series, the honeycomb challenge has seen a number of kids burn themselves dealing with the piping hot sugar.

The British Burn Association tweeted this week: “Warning. Burns services are seeing a spike in burn injuries following #squidgame and #honeycomb trend. Many require surgery to treat.” Prof Kayvan Shokrollahi added: “The age range of patients admitted recently is 11 to 15. A number have needed skin grafts.”

We urge everyone to ensure they are properly supervised if they ever decide to partake in one of the games featured in Squid Game.