Rege-Jean Page shares his love for ‘Stranger Things’ hero Eddie Munson
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Rege-Jean Page shares his love for 'Stranger Things' hero Eddie Munson

Stranger Things is currently the biggest show in the world, and Eddie Munson is just about everyone’s favourite new character, making him one of the most beloved creations in the world. 

His charm certainly hasn’t escaped Bridgerton’s heartthrob Rege-Jean Page either. The star even said he recognised a kinship with the character, commenting: “I basically grew up as Eddie Munson.”

While promoting his new film Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves at San Diego Comic-Con, Page discussed what it was like joining a new school in London after returning from Harare, Zimbabwe, where he spent the bulk of his childhood. 

He told the crowd: “I know a little bit about escapist fantasy, and it gives you no limits. It gives you this big open world of possibility that might not necessarily always be open to you in your real life but is there the second you get a group of people together.”

He added: “I’ve always found role-playing games super inspiring.” Clearly, he knew his audience well. 

Munson has proved to be an equally inspirational creation. The character might be an outsider, but he has a heart of gold, and his escapism eventually lends a solid helping hand. This is something that Page relates to because others picked on him at school for being “weird” and “foreign.”

Much like Munson, Page remains an inspiration to us all.