Real-life Anna Delvey talks life after prison, ‘Inventing Anna’ and more
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Real-life Anna Delvey talks life after prison, ‘Inventing Anna’ and more

Impressed and intrigued by Jessica Pressler’s revelatory piece for The New York Times, “How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People”, Shondaland creator, Shonda Rhimes procured the rights to make a brilliant true-crime docuseries titled Inventing Anna which took Netflix over by a storm.

Inventing Anna is based on the real-life story of Anna Sorokin who adopted the alias of Anna Delvey and posed as a fake German heiress before scamming friends, financial institutions and the elite of New York of nearly $22 million. Charged with theft, larceny and various other charges, Delvey was placed imprisoned and became the source of intrigue for the entire nation, leaving them divided. While some saw her as a con woman, others hailed her as a subversion of the American Dream.

Portrayed incredibly by Julia Garner in the series, Delvey is currently in ICE custody, awaiting possible deportation due to an expired Visa. She is working on an NFT project where people can call her and access her livestreams.

Following Inventing Anna, Delvey became somewhat of a pop-cultural icon with many imitating her bizarre accent and others completely in awe of her wits. In an insightful interview with NBC, Delvey was asked if she feels that she owes anyone an apology. Smiling wide, she said, “You mean for what? I am not a 12-year-old kid.”

“Who would I be apologising to?” she asks, before saying that the banks would not care for her apology. She even talked about how she was never a malicious and “vicious, scamming person trying to take advantage of anybody who is stupid enough to fall for it”.

Besides defending her extravagant lifestyle and grandeur, she opened up about the NFT project via which she wants to show people how she “changed so much”. Anna has previously sold her prison artwork.

She wants to “focus all [my] energy into something legal.” Delvey also believes that “something bad can [always] be turned into something good” and one has to be careful of “a line which should be drawn to which methods to which you should resort while trying to achieve what you want.”

According to Delvey, the government definitely thinks she crossed the line which she would only like to address in court. Currently, her charges amount to more than $200,000 dollars.

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