‘Inventing Anna’ fake heiress Anna Sorokin to be deported from US
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'Inventing Anna' fake heiress Anna Sorokin to be deported from US

There are few shows on Netflix right now that have captured the imaginations of its audience as succinctly as Inventing Anna. The show has been a mainstay on the streaming platform’s most-streamed series for some time now but it would seem that the reality of Anna Delvey, aka Anna Sorokin’s situation has now caught up with the “fake heiress” as she has been deported from the US.

Shonda Rhimes was taken aback by Jessica Pressler’s New York Magazine article “How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People” that she adapted the same, under her banner Shondaland, into a nine-episode Netflix series, Inventing Anna that has taken the world by a storm.

Based on the grand larceny committed by Anna Sorokin, who posed as a fake German heiress and scammed hundreds and thousands of dollars from the rich in the United States, under the alias name of Anna Delvey, the series lays open a shocking case based on real-life events.

The series stars Anna Chlumsky as Vivian Kent, a fictionalised take on Jessica Pressler, who is so intrigued by Anna’s case that she decides to delve deeper into the same. Hindered by various obstacles, including uninterested editors and her burgeoning pregnancy, Kent makes her way to find out more about the elusive and intriguing Anna Delvey who managed to con the American elite. Her conning days now seem to be over as ICE confirmed it was deporting Sorokin to Germany.

The convicted scammer had been held by ICE for over a year after overstaying on her visas. Now, she has been given a ticket back to Germany as she departs New York for Frankfurt, according to The New York Post.

Sorokin was convicted in 2019 of one count of attempted grand larceny, three counts of grand larceny and four counts of theft services after she skimmed $200,000 from New York hotels as well as banks and institutions. Sorokin was released n 2021 before being picked up by ICE for violating her visa terms.