Ranking the five best ‘Wednesday’ characters on performance
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Ranking the five best ‘Wednesday’ characters on performance

Ever since one of the best shows, Wednesday hit the shelves of viewer’s favourite streamer Netflix, there has been an endless buzz. From the famous Wednesday character to be portrayed outside her comfort zone to adding a new narrative. The show covers it all.

Celebrated director Tim Burton blew life into a story of Wednesday investigating gruesome murders taking place around her newfound home in Nevermore Academy. Viewers have loved and praised most of the characters, however, a few of them stood out on the basis of likability.

With a diverse cast and range of misfits, Nevermore Academy offers much more and beyond. Creators hit a sweet spot between old and new, classic and unconventional. The show is here to serve. Fans, both new and old, loved the chemistry between all the characters and were taken aback by the delivery of such an interesting genre-bending show. 

One of the best twists in the show on and offscreen has been the addition of Christina Ricci as a teacher, Marilyn Thornhill, who plays the school’s first normie teacher. If you have googled the show as aggressively as most others, you know how her presence in the script was a surprise for all. And the viewers loved it. Most of the actors on the show have performed finesse unlike seen before to make the show one of the greatest and most rememberable ones of the year. 

We’ce compiled a list of the five best characters on Wednesday based on performance and fan remarks. Tune in for the latest news on film and tv shows found on Netflix. We do it, so you don’t have to. Let’s dive in!

The Five Best Characters on ‘Wednesday’

5. Principal Weems

Being the principal of the prestigious school for outcasts, the Nevermore Academy, Principal Weems won many hearts for her calm composition throughout the show. It was very evident how much she loved her students and the extent she was ready to reach in order to make Nevermore a better place for them every day. From personally knowing the children, to making alliances in the normie world to make sure nothing hindered the life inside Nevermore. 

The famous shapeshifter Principal Larrisa Weems plays the role of someone not entirely good or evil. Previously playing roles like Lucifer in Sandman, and seen many more times on screen including Game of Thrones, Gwendoline Christie probably gave one of the best performances of her life on Wednesday

4. Morticia Addams  

A truly breathtaking performance by the well-known and celebrated actress Catherine Zeta-Jones playing the equally well-written and breathtaking, Morticia Addams. With a narrative that has been explored several times before, similar to the characters, Morticia did a splendid job at standing out, making it original yet inspired. 

In the show, we see a more vulnerable side of the matriarch, Morticia herself. She tries to break down her walls to get close to her daughter Wednesday, who is going through similar things that she had during her stay in the Nevermore years ago. Her love for her family and the outcasts is very evident similar to her breathtaking appearances throughout the show.

3. Enid Sinclair

A bright splash of warm girls and the birth of Enid Sinclair can be synonyms. Her positive and unmatched energy continued to annoy Wednesday throughout the show. From being annoying to her best friend who goes to all horizons to save her, the love and friendship between the two characters have been the highlighted relationship throughout the show. 

She is lovable, adorable, and always on the lookout for her unwilling friend. Enid portrayed by Emma Myers does the perfect job of capturing the essence of her character struggling to become a member of her pack. She also befriends Wednesday’s partner in crime, Thing, and the three form the warm friendship for the coldest Wednesday out there. 

2. Thing

Probably the most commendable character in the show, Thing, as uncanny as its name plays the role of a loyal alias throughout the show. From looking over Wednesday’s shoulders to ensure she is always safe, to getting her the dress she so dearly wanted for her dance. Thing has done it all. This ‘Thing’ made a dashing appearance and let its viewers feel the impact it made in Wednesday’s life immensely. 

From playing always helping out Wednesday for all the wicked schemes she plans, to also always being there for her when she needed someone the most. Thing shows more emotions than an average person in today’s society. He is loved and appreciated by all. The brilliant hand performance was portrayed by a 25-year-old Romanian magician and illusionist called Victor Dorobantu. Safe to say the whole team and fanbase were left in awe of his swift and supple handwork! 

1. Wednesday Addams 

The iconic role of Wednesday Addams was brought to life by the highly praised actress, Jenna Ortega. She serves us all sides of Wednesday, even those unseen before. From being borderline homicidal to all-out cray, Ortega adds the right amount of originality to this cold and dark character. Wednesday explores her empathy and ability to smell danger before others are aware. 

She is always onto something that can be perceived as mischievous but is always underlined with a good cause. Ortega makes her seem unhindered by emotions all around at the beginning but eventually warms up to her new family in the Nevermore Academy. Finds new friendships, gets closer to her family and ends up happy for once! Yet again proving to the fanbase that the warmth of genuine love can also melt the coldest heart. 

If you haven’t watched this gorgeously dark and equally bright show yet, hop on the hype train now! Catch the trailer to it here. Watch Wednesday currently streaming on Netflix here!