‘Rana Naidu’, the Indian adaptation of ‘Ray Donovan’, becomes one of Netflix’s most streamed non-English shows
(Credit: Netflix)


'Rana Naidu', the Indian adaptation of 'Ray Donovan', becomes one of Netflix's most streamed non-English shows

Rana Naidu, the Indian crime drama adapted from CBS’ popular show Ray Donovan, has become one of the most streamed non-English language shows on Netflix for a second week. It is officially one of the streamer’s most successful Hindi shows. 

On Netflix’s global top 10 list, it reached number four, with 16.41million hours watched. The eponymous character is dubbed as the “fixer of the stars,” although he finds himself battling his personal problems alongside the issues left for him to fix by his clients. According to Netflix, the show has simultaneously “captured the imagination of a large soapy drama and action-loving audience.” 

The streamer added, “To suit this narration, the creators have heavily adapted Ray Donovan in terms of its setting and characterization while keeping the Indian context at the forefront.”

Vice President of international formats at Netflix, Roxanne Pompa, explained, “We are thrilled with the production values that the team has brought to the Indian remake of our hit series. Rana Naidu stays true to the original series while localizing for the Indian audiences.” 

Netflix has noted that the show’s casting has helped to bring it so much popularity. Rana Daggubati plays the protagonist alongside his real-life uncle, Venkatesh Daggubati, who portrays his father. Thus, the two bring great chemistry to their roles, which is vital to their characters.