Prince Harry plans for new Netflix series
(Credit: Mark Jones)

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Prince Harry plans for new Netflix series

A brand new documentary from Prince Harry is on its way to Netflix, with the forthcoming project due to take on a humanitarian project in South Africa, moving past his public relationship with Meghan Markle, which was turned into the series Harry & Meghan in 2022.

According to sources close to the project, the show will feature the royal pair taking part in building projects, with Meghan highlighting the issue of dangerous birthing practices.

Speaking to The Sunday Mirror, one source stated: “Meghan is particularly keen to share information about giving birth safely with the women she meets”. The couple previously toured South Africa back in 2019. 

In response to such shows from Harry and Meghan, Prince William is also planning a TV series of his own, agreeing to let ITV cameras produce a fly-on-the-wall documentary about his royal duties. In particular, the show will follow his work with homeless projects. Speaking to The Sun, one source stated: “He’s keen to highlight his work, particularly on a homeless project which was a subject very close to his mother’s heart, and to connect with the public on a new level”. The unprecedented project doesn’t yet have a release date. 

Whilst we await such royal TV shows, check out the trailer for Harry & Meghan below.