Reports claim Harry and Meghan left frustrated after their show’s US reception
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Reports claim Harry and Meghan left frustrated after their show's US reception

The royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have reportedly been left frustrated after their latest Netflix series, which they produced and starred in, flopped in the US. 

The report comes from an American PR expert who wrote on Twitter: “‘Live to Lead’ from the Sussexes and the Mandela Foundation has had very little press coverage and promotion behind it, which is strange given their association and the impressive list of bold names involved.”

Continuing, the account that goes by the name of ‘Royal Tea’ adds, “It is one of the first tests commercially of their brand strategy to pull people in [with] personal drama and hope they stay for the philanthropy.” 

The controversy surrounding the couple has been rife in recent years after Prince Harry opted to leave Royal family duties in February 2021. 

“With little to no PR, a Saturday/holiday release, and no gossip to drive organic press, it didn’t even crack the Top 100 TV shows,” the PR expert said of the duo’s latest TV series, which uncovers their emotional turmoil in recent years at the hands of the press. As well as the two lead subjects, the series also features the likes of Serena Williams, Anthony Anderson and Tyler Perry. 

Continuing their observations, the online commentator added, “The way it’s being handled feels like a throwaway project to fulfil a contract. Maybe they had to hit a certain number of Netflix projects by the end of this year…The one thing that is clear is that the Sussex name alone isn’t enough to drive views, which will hurt them”. 

Take a look at the thread of tweets surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle below.