PR expert claims Prince Harry can save reputation with upcoming ‘Heart of Invictus’ project
(Credit: BBC)


PR expert claims Prince Harry can save reputation with upcoming 'Heart of Invictus' project

Prince Harry has been given to opportunity to maintain his negotiated reputation in his upcoming Netflix programme. This revelation follows reports that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s popularity have taken a hot after the disclosures they made about the Royal Family. 

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle appeared in a Netflix docu-series called Harry and Meghan, showcasing their experience with the Royal Family and the British press, claiming both institutions worked together in a racially-motivated attack on Markle’s character. 

These claims were followed by Prince Harry’s book, Spare, alluding to his family viewing him as a backup for his older brother Prince William. The memoir was a detailed and personal execution of events and opinions made by the Prince, one that reportedly had to wait for Queen Elizabeth II’s passing to be released. 

Heart of Invictus is another project announced in April 2021 and is yet to be released. This programme is described in a statement by the Sussexes’ organisation, Archewell, as a “multi-episode production” set to “spotlight a group of extraordinary Invictus Games competitors from around the globe” on their road to the Invictus Games that took place in April 2022.

Newsweek’s Chief Royal Correspondent Jack Royston reported that a PR expert perceives Heart of Invictus as a route for the independent Duke to progress with his reputation. 

During an interview with the Royal Report podcast, Royston stated: “I’ve been speaking to PR experts about where they think Harry and Meghan now stand. One told me, for example, that [Heart of] Invictus might actually be Harry’s way out of the reputational slump he’s experienced in America.”

“It is obviously a very unique project. There are very few people on the planet who can say that they’ve done anything equivalent to what Harry’s doing there.”

The PR expert added: “Veterans are a community in America who quite rightly do need high-profile figures standing up for them. And anyone who does that is going to get a significant reputational boost out of doing so.”

Royston also mentioned the Prince’s PTSD from his time in Afghanistan, suggesting a focus on the Games is a logical act. 

Prince Harry launched the Games in 2014 as a project dedicated to bringing together former and current ill, sick or injured military members worldwide to compete in various disciplines, showcasing, among other things, the healing nature of the sport.

The insightful docu-series Harry and Meghan is available to stream on Netflix.