Prince Harry claims, “they lied to protect my brother” in ‘Harry and Meghan’ documentary
(Credit: Mark Jones)

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Prince Harry claims, "they lied to protect my brother" in 'Harry and Meghan' documentary

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have dropped another bomb in their controversial Netflix docuseries, Harry and Meghan, one that references the prince’s older brother, and heir to the throne, Prince William.

The documentary follows the couple’s lives since they stepped down from royal duties in January 2020, alongside some revelations about their time with the royal family and how Markle was treated.

In the trailer, Prince Harry can be heard saying: “They were happy to lie to protect my brother”, but doesn’t clarify who “they” were or specify how Prince William was being protected. The prince also blamed “institutional gaslighting” for many of the issues that went down between him and his brother, the children of King Charles and Princess Diana. However, there is a change in the heavy statement’s wording between the YouTube trailer and the one on Netflix’s website, with another version stating a more complete and detailed account: “The British media are happy to lie to protect my brother.”

The streaming site was immediately flooded with questions about the sudden change, and the version shown on the website was soon taken down. 

“I said, ‘we need to get out of here,'” is another shocking statement the prince can be heard saying in the trailer for the final three episodes released on Thursday, December 15th. The documentary’s second half looks to reveal newer information and harder-hitting bombs compared to the first. Prince Harry also reflects on the timing of his and Markle’s decision: “I wonder what would have happened to us had we not got out when we did?” 

In another clip, Markle shares her concerns about security, whereas her husband reveals they perceived their sudden departure as a “freedom flight”. Buckingham Palace has yet to respond to the documentary, which Prince Harry explains was made because: “To move to the next chapter, you’ve got to finish the first chapter.”

In the UK, 2.4 million viewers watched episode one on launch day, 1.5 million watched episode two, and 800,000 watched episode three. According to BBC, these ratings are “more than double the first-day figure for the latest series of The Crown“. Prince Harry previously shared he felt “terrified” for his wife, Markle, who has been on the receiving end of unfair and relentless press attention since marrying into the royals. 

The first part of Harry and Meghan is available to stream now.