‘Noise’: the poorly received thriller that is climbing Netflix’s charts
(Credit: Netflix)

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'Noise': the poorly received thriller that is climbing Netflix's charts

Netflix has some incredible psychological thrillers to offer, from Get Out to The Killing of a Sacred Deer, yet a new entry into the genre, Noise, has almost topped the streamer’s rankings, despite its poor critical reception. 

After joining the streaming service on March 17th, it has become the fifth most-viewed movie on U.S. Netflix, beating the likes of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Yet, the critical consensus has been far from positive. 

Noise follows Matthias, an influencer, who, along with his girlfriend and young son, moves to his childhood home. His father, struggling with dementia, recalls a chemical plant accident that happened years before and resulted in tragic consequences. As the film progresses, Matthias digs deep into what really happened, attempting to prove his father’s innocence while losing his grasp on reality in the process. 

Although the film possesses much potential, Noise is an undercooked and drawn-out thriller, despite its relatively short run time of 89 minutes. It fails to pack any of the punches that a thriller should and relies on overused cliches. 

Despite its high rankings, many Twitter users have taken to the social media platform to express their distaste for the movie, urging others not to waste their time on it. One user (@JoannaMajdalani) wrote, “‘NOISE’ should be removed from Netflix immediately,” whereas another (@dee_es_dee) shared, “‘Noise’ on Netflix was such [a] waste of time. How it made to top 10 I don’t know.”