Jake Paul claims his father physically abused him in Netflix doc 
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Jake Paul claims his father physically abused him in Netflix doc 

Jake Paul, the YouTuber turned professional boxer, has made allegations of physical abuse by his father during his childhood. Known for his sometimes controversial antics in social media and boxing circles, Paul’s claims in a new Netflix documentary offer a startling new insight into his upbringing.

According to Paul, his father was excessively harsh and frequently used physical punishment as a disciplinary tool. The 26-year-old asserted, “My dad would slap the s*** out of me.” He further described how the family dynamic was often pitched between his brother Logan and him against their father.

These claims emerged in Netflix’s series, Untold: Jake Paul the Problem Child, which was released on August 1st. The series delves deep into Paul’s life, presenting an in-depth picture of the person behind the social media persona.

Paul’s elder brother, Logan, another well-known social media star, states in the documentary: “Holy s***. Yo, Greg Paul is a f***ing being. He’s a menace. That guy’s intense.” Logan also clarified how: “Jake may throw around the word ‘abusive.’ I prefer not quite legal.”

Their father, Greg, 59, has refuted these claims in the series, stating he “never laid a hand” on his sons – but admits to throwing them “on a couch a couple of times”. He defended his parenting style, arguing, “That’s what the f*** dads are supposed to do. Welcome to life, get the f*** over it.”

Despite these harsh words, Jake credits his father’s tough approach with the success he and his brother have found on YouTube. He explains, “He was so hard and so tough on us that my brother and I’s imaginations really started to flare up… So one day we get a camera, and we just start filming our lives.”

Today, with over 20million YouTube subscribers and 23million Instagram followers, the Paul brothers’ fame is undeniable, even if numerous controversies have marked their careers. In other documentary news, a Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard series is coming later this month.