Penn Badgley teases details about ‘You’ season 4
(Credit: Netflix)

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Penn Badgley teases details about ‘You’ season 4

You season three ended on a gruesome note, with Victoria Pedretti’s Love Quinn suffering a fatal ending. At the same time, Joe Goldberg, portrayed by Penn Badgley, escaped unscathed to Paris, looking for his next object of affection, Marianne. 

Although the third season alludes to Paris as a new setting, Badgley has debunked all rumours about Goldberg being notoriety abroad and has discussed several details about the upcoming fourth season. 

According to Badgley, most of the action will be based in London. The Gossip Girl alum, who has finished filming the first four episodes, has said that the fourth season is “cheaper”. He also hinted at a possible change in Joe’s personality, given how the psychotic character has been transported to the United Kingdom from the United States. 

While Goldberg is trying to change, Badgley revealed: “But the problem is in him, it’s not so much outside of him, so he’s trying to change. He is always trying – failing, trying.” 

He also confirmed the return of Tati Gabrielle as Marianne from the previous season, who catches Joe’s attention towards the end. “There’s also some other familiar faces which I think I can [say],” he said before adding: “The tone is similar, but it’s shifting in that there is a different format. We’re using a different format.” 

The actor also hinted at the fourth season “shifting the genre slightly”.

Adapted from Caroline Kepnes’ novel series, You became a sensation on Netflix, catapulting Badgley into a list of fan favourites. Based on the ruthless and gruesome escapades of Joe Goldberg, the most psychotic and scariest character Netflix has ever created, the show has recounted instances of his insane obsessiveness and psychopathic nature. 

The fourth season will be based predominantly in London and feature several new characters who mainly belong to the elite Oxford-educated English society. Read all about the new cast members here

Fans are excited to see what Goldberg will be up to in the upcoming season and whether he will again give in to his knack for women, underwear, books and murder.