A full guide to the 15 new cast members on Netflix’s ‘You’ season 4
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A full guide to the 15 new cast members on Netflix’s ‘You’ season 4

Joe Goldberg is set to make a return in the upcoming You season four which has begun shooting in the United Kingdom and Europe as per the latest updates.

Created by Sera Gamble, the show is based on Caroline Kepnes’ novel series. It revolves around the psychopathic lead, Joe Goldberg and his unusual and deadly obsessions with women every season. 

Twisted and vile, Goldberg has a penchant for stalking, women’s underwear, books and murder. In the first season, the object of his affection, Guinevere Beck, portrayed by Elizabeth Lail, met a tragic end.

In the second season, Joe moved from New York to Los Angeles, assumed a new identity and met an equally deranged and psychotic match in Victoria Pedretti’s Love Quinn, who was too much for him to handle. In the third season, this nightmarish couple moves to a fictional town of Madre Linde in California with their son. 

Soon, jealousy, obsession, infidelity and marital turmoil compel them to partake in a dangerous odyssey of bloodlust and lies. 

While Kepnes has three novels which the series followed to date, the fourth series will be based on an entirely new idea and premise, following the events of the third season where Goldberg follows his new object of desire to Paris.  

Besides Penn Badgley as the psychotic Joe Goldberg and Tati Gabrielle as Marienne, the rest of the cast is completely new. Since the premise shifts from the United States to the United Kingdom and Europe, the new season will feature a big bunch of obnoxious English socialities who have all attended Oxford, come from privilege and are completely tone-deaf.

Addicted to the lavish lifestyle, their drug and alcohol-fuelled lives will surely take a hit with the arrival of the notorious troublemaker, Joe Goldberg. 

Ahead of the season release, here is a full list of the 15 new cast members on You season four: 

A full guide to the 15 new cast members on Netflix’s ‘You’ season 4

Charlotte Ritchie – Kate

Kate is supposed to be the new lead in the fourth season of You alongside Badgley’s Joe Goldberg which indicates a possible tragic end to the character’s story arc. An art gallery director known for her “icy” demeanour and fierce nature, Kate is always wary and suspicious and extremely loyal to her friends.

She is extremely protective of her best friend Lady Phoebe as the latter’s affluence often attracts opportunists and mercenaries. Kate is highly suspicious of Joe when he is included in their social circle by her self-centred boyfriend Malcolm. 

Tilly Keeper – Lady Phoebe 

Keeper plays Kate’s best friend, the wealthy Lady Phoebe who is known for attracting the wrong tribe of people. Sweet, kind and charismatic, Phoebe has been the centre of attention since a very young age. As a raging socialite, Phoebe has a massive fanbase. However, it is important to note that Phoebe might bear the brunt of misfortune in the series.

Stephen Hagan – Malcolm

A professor of Literature with a penchant for drugs, Malcolm’s privileged social status and love for an opulent lifestyle present him as a self-centred egomaniac. Often a big bully, he is not faithful to his girlfriend Kate and introduces Joe Goldberg to the circle much to the chagrin of his girlfriend who suspects something is amiss with the new and strange American. 

Amy Leigh Hickman – Nadia

Hickman, who was seen in Netflix’s Harlan Coben series Safe, will be seen as the literature major who aspires to be an author someday. Intense and spirited, she often uses her extroverted nature to cover up for her vulnerabilities and emotions.

Desperate to redeem her mistakes, many of which can disrupt her life, Nadia is ready to seek help from the wrong kind of people.  

Brad Alexander – Edward

Nadia’s arch-nemesis, fellow literature major Edward is popular and usually the smartest brain in the room. His father owns a powerful news outlet and his presence threatens Nadia. 

Ed Speleers – Rhys

Rhys is a well-known author whose memoir compelled him to launch his political career. Born into sheer poverty, Rhys’ traumatic life comes to an end after he visits oxford and ends up making the right friends and entering the right circles. While he is a floater, he sticks to his eccentric friends’ group, grateful for their support over the years.

Niccy Lin – Sophie 

A fierce protector of her introverted brother, Simon, Sophie is well-known for her high-profile brand deals and sponsorships that she flaunts on her social media. A raging entrepreneur, Sophie is someone people should not mess with. 

Aidan Cheng – Simon

Introverted and allergic to social interactions, Simon is the son of a Chinese tech mogul and Sophie’s brother. An acclaimed artist, Simon paves the path for himself instead of banking on his family’s resources.  

Ben Wiggins – Roald 

Belonging to an old aristocratic family who is very popular in Europe, Roald appears to be the perfect suave gentleman with brilliant manners and etiquette. However, beneath this facade, Roald hides a dark and calculative nature that several instances might bring to the fore. 

Eve Austin – Gemma 

Yet another member of the privileged social circle at Oxford, Gemma revels in the glitzy life of a socialite with several fashion shows, events and dates. Her sheltered lifestyle and extravagance have led to her lack of empathy in her toward the underprivileged. 

Ozioma Whenu – Blessing 

A Nigerian princess with several degrees and a passion to invest in cryptocurrency, Blessing is the stereotypical rich girl clique leader from films who loves taking risks and living life one day at a time. 

Dario Coates – Connie 

Boisterous and crass, Connie is a posh sportsman who has a penchant for horses, gambling, drinking and cocaine. He is a part of the Oxford tribe as well. 

Alison Pargeter – Dawn 

As a paparazzi photographer, Dawn’s not-so-noticeable persona helps her blend into the crowd and avoid being seen. She is especially good at tailing after people who do not want their lives to be documented. 

Adam James – Elliot 

Jaded, calm and understanding, Elliot wants to steer clear of social drama. Elliot has been living in California for decades but is compelled to travel around Europe due to his job. His employer is extremely powerful and demanding and Elliot always complies with his requests. 

Sean Pertwee – Vic 

Loyal and efficient, Vic is Adam’s personal chauffeur and security. Adam is the American entrepreneur boyfriend of Lady Phoebe. Well-dressed and proud, Vic carefully guards the dirty secrets of Adam and his friends and does not think twice before getting his hands dirty for the sake of his job.