Penn Badgley discusses ‘You’ potential ending
(Credit: Netflix)


Penn Badgley discusses 'You' potential ending

Following the release of You season four, Penn Badgley, who plays the murderous protagonist Joe Goldberg, has shared his thoughts on the show’s legacy and potential ending. 

The actor told NME, “How it ends will really, really matter. And that’s up to us; we need a satisfying ending. The question becomes: ‘What is satisfying for us [as viewers], not for Joe?'”

A pitch from the executive producer Greg Berlanti suggested that the question of what justice means should be a central theme to the show’s eventual ending. Badgley explained, “If it’s not answering that question, because it is a tough one, maybe it’s figuring out an even more refined or elegant way to pose that question.”

“That’s what we have an opportunity to do and I think what the writers have been positioning [the show] to do the whole time. The ending that they’ve pitched to me, I think it is that. Part of the reason I’m even able to say this is because of what Greg Berlanti shared with me: his idea about how it could end… and I can’t tell you what it is!”

He continued, “I think with this character, I need to know where it’s going.” A fifth season has not yet been renewed, but judging by the popularity of the previous four, it wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination to see Joe Goldberg return to our screens for another season.