Do Joe and Kate end up together at the end of ‘You’ season 4?
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Do Joe and Kate end up together at the end of 'You' season 4?

Part one of You season four ended with Joe promising to erase the killer, which is a pretty big deal in itself, considering. It also sees Joe and Kate very nearly getting together, with Kate showing up at Joe’s doorstep to invite him out for drinks. Joe turns her down because he knows what’ll happen if he accepts. He then explains to Kate that if they get together he’ll be forced to reveal more about his past, which means unearthing some pretty dark secrets.

Although Joe and Kate didn’t – as many had hoped – get together, that was by no means the end of the story. So, do they get together in part two? There’s certainly a lot of chemistry between them, and we know how the You writers love to keep us guessing.

At the end of season four part two, Joe and Kate do indeed end up together. It’s not an easy journey to get to that point, however, with Joe’s rejection putting Kate on the back foot. For a while, she tries to forget about Joe by hooking up with an old flame, but that comes to nothing.

At the end of episode six, Kate spots Joe watching her from his apartment, so she invited him over. Once inside, Joe explains that they can only embark on a relationship if they start by being totally honest with one another. She tells Joe that they don’t have to share details about their past if he doesn’t want to, as long as they’re honest going forward. The episode ends with them sleeping together.

In episode seven, Joe and Kate go on their first official date. They wander through London, content in one another’s company. Obviously, they end up back at Kate’s place, where she confesses to fantasising about their life together.

By this point, their relationship is pretty solid, and Joe even reveals the details of his dark past. Even then, she still accepts him, and they choose to move forward. At the end of the season, Joe and Kate are happier than ever, and Kate has taken over her family business, with Joe running his own bookshop. Whether Joe can keep himself from killing again remains to be seen.