How much would Joe Goldberg’s London lifestyle in ‘You’ really cost?
(Credit: Netflix)


How much would Joe Goldberg’s London lifestyle in ‘You’ really cost?

The London lifestyle of Joe Goldberg in the fourth season of the TV show You would place him in vast sums of debt, according to estimates. The most recent episodes of the Netflix hit show have the psychopath character, played by Penn Badgley, move to the capital of the UK pretending to be a university professor by the name of Jonathan Moore.

According to King’s Casino Bonus, fans of the show have been highlighting the fact that Goldberg living in a Kensington apartment on the salary of a university lecturer seems unrealistic. The average salary for a professor is around £46,000 (£2,800 per month) after tax and reductions, and Goldberg’s rent would cost around £2,300, leaving him just £500 a month to live on.

Of course, Goldberg would then have to factor in paying council tax, which would be £161 with a single-person discount, plus bills: say £264 for utilities, £44 for internet and £46 for mobile. Then he would have to eat at an average monthly price of £300, meaning by the end of the year, he would be in nearly £4,000 debt.

A financial spokesperson for the site noted, “Fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of Season 4 of You – not least because it’s in a refreshing new setting. After the season debuted, fans took to Twitter to express their amusement that Joe is seemingly surviving in one of the most expensive parts of London on a lecturer’s salary – and without a PhD or any meaningful qualifications, no less.”

They added, “It’s no surprise then that the reality is that he’d be in significant debt. He’d better start stealing from his victims in part two of the show or ensure he keeps his rich friends, or else he’ll have much more to worry about than being caught for his ex-wife’s murder.”