‘One Piece’ season one ending explained
(Credit: Netflix)


‘One Piece’ season one ending explained

Netflix’s One Piece season one ended on a high note for the Straw Hats, but they have more seas to conquer, enemies to fight, and allies to make. Enough teasers have been included in the first season for potential future seasons.

However, some might be left with questions about how things ended in season one of One Piece and what’s to come in the live-action adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s iconic manga and anime series. Let’s delve right in.

The ending doesn’t directly address what happened to Arlong after his defeat, but the source material confirms that he survived. Whether he returns in the live-action adaptation remains uncertain, but his storyline seems to have concluded. Nami’s new tattoo symbolises her freedom from Arlong’s control and pays tribute to her home village with imagery of a pinwheel and an orange, representing her happier childhood memories.

Even though he lets Luffy go, Garp is still on the Straw Hats’ tail. Garp is left amused at the uncanny resemblance Luffy has to Gold Roger, the previous Pirate King. Garp and Roger are friends despite being on opposite sides of the law, and Luffy’s determination reminds Garp of his old friend.

Luffy finally has one of his dreams fulfilled. The World Government sets Luffy’s bounty at an all-time high of 30,000,000 berries. And he gets his mug on a wanted poster. The other Straw Hat Pirates have not yet garnered the World Government’s attention—except for the back of Usopp’s head.

The Going Merry’s next destination is also hinted at. Nami’s confusion about her map foreshadows the events about to take place at the Reverse Mountain, a significant location as the Straw Hats enter the Grand Line.

Baroque Works, a shady organisation, and the appearance of a new Warlord of the Sea could also provide an overarching storyline in season two.

On another shore, we see Dracule Mihawk walk up to meet Red-Haired Shanks, who is very much alive, along with Usopp’s dad Yasopp. It is evident that Mihawk and Shanks go a long way back. They possibly have a friendly rivalry that has played out over the years.

Buggy and Alvida are also hanging around as we see them interact briefly at a bar, suggesting a possible alliance in the upcoming season, aligning with their roles in the Loguetown arc in the source material. Loguetown is a crucial stop for pirates before entering the Grand Line.

Smoker the White Hunter is also introduced in a post-credit scene. The mysterious figure seen at the end of episode eight is Captain Smoker, a powerful marine with the ability to transform into smoke. He despises pirates but is not corrupt like some other marines. Smoker’s presence hints harder at Loguetown as the next location for season two.

One Piece season one’s ending has set the stage for exciting developments in season two, with new characters, locations, and storylines waiting to be explored. As you await the next instalment, you can enjoy the adaptation’s faithful portrayal of Oda’s beloved world of pirates, mysteries, and adventures on Netflix.