‘One Day’ star Leo Woodall will be in the fourth ‘Bridget Jones’ sequel
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‘One Day’ star Leo Woodall will be in the fourth ‘Bridget Jones’ sequel

Bridget Jones is back. It has been announced that the beloved rom-com character will return for a fourth film. This time around, her leading man will be Leo Woodall, the young star shot to fame by One Day and The White Lotus.

The original film of the franchise, Bridget Jones’ Diary, came out in 2001, based on a novel by Helen Fielding. Starring Renee Zellweger in the titular role, along with Colin Firth and Hugh Grant as her suitors, Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver, it’s a much-loved movie for rom-com fans.

The next two films, Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason and Bridget Jones’ Baby, built on the franchise with the same recurring characters sticking around, as well as some new additions, as Jones aged further and had a baby. The last film in 2016 welcomed Patrick Dempsey into the fold as he played Jones’ new flame and possible father of her child.

However, with the announcement of the fourth film, there is one staggering absence on the cast list. While Zellweger will be reprising her iconic role, there will be no Mark Darcy. After being in all of the previous films, Firth has stepped out of this latest adaptation of Fielding’s newest 2013 novel of the series. Instead, Jones will be navigating her 50s as a widowed mother of two as she falls for a new man.

27-year-old Woodall will be stepping up as the romantic lead after proving he can more than pull it off by playing Dexter Mayhew in Netflix’ recent series, One Day. Playing Jones’ new toy boy love interest, the movie will be his first big step into the world of major film franchises.

Fans of the original films will be happy to hear that Hugh Grant will be returning. In Bridget Jones’ Baby, his absence is explained by the presumed death of his character, but the announcement of the fourth film shows his name on the cast list as he resurrects Daniel Cleaver. 

Emma Thompson will also be a repeat character. Her role as Jones’ obstetrician in the previous volume received high praise for her comedic streak. Joining her Love Actually co-star, Grant, the film is set to be a coming together of the titans of the genre.

According to the BBC, the film is about to begin production. Titled Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy, it’s currently scheduled for an aptly timed Valentine’s Day release. The film is expected to hit American cinemas on February 14th 2025, but there is no word yet on when it will reach the UK.