Leo Woodhall on the “hopeful” ending of ‘One Day’
(Credits: Netflix)


Leo Woodhall on the "hopeful" ending of 'One Day'

An adaptation of David Nicholl’s best-selling book One Day debuted on Netflix on February 8th, starring Ambika Mod as Emma and Leo Woodhall as Dexter.

The book was also made into a movie back in 2011, which starred Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess in the leading roles, with Lone Scherfig at the helm. 

However, viewers who hadn’t already seen the film or read the book were in for a shock when Emma met her tragic end in episode 13, destroying the relationship the pair had finally made work after many years of friendship.

Emma is hit by a car while riding her bike, leaving Dexter absolutely devastated. The show ends with Dexter trying to process his grief, eventually taking his daughter to Arthur’s Seat, the spot where Emma and Dexter had their first date.

A montage of their lives together is also shown, leaving many viewers in tears. Another vital moment comes when Dexter imagines Emma, and she tells him that he will start to feel better – it’ll just take time. 

Woodhall believes that this helps the show to end on a “hopeful” note. He explained to Netflix, “It could have been easy to end it in a way that was just like, ‘Well, that was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen.’ But they don’t. They leave it very hopeful.” 

Talking about the montage scene, director Molly Manners added, “It so encapsulates what that moment is trying to do and what the book does so well. It’s very hopeful and beautiful. It really took my breath away.”