Nicola Coughlan spills the tea on ‘Bridgerton’ season 3
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Nicola Coughlan spills the tea on 'Bridgerton' season 3

Netflix has officially renewed Bridgerton for a third and fourth season. The Bridgerton universe is constantly expanding, with Queen Charlotte revealing the first glimpse as well. The upcoming third season will be based on Penelope Featherington’s budding relationship with Colin Bridgerton, as confirmed by Nicola Coughlan’s Instagram post months back.

Now, the star has shared some tea on the third season.

Based on Julia Quinn’s eponymous novel series, Bridgerton has previously focused on the romantic pursuits of the titular Bridgerton family siblings. However, the third season looks set to take the program in a new direction. The third season will be based on Quinn’s fourth novel, Romancing Mr. Bridgerton, disrupting the chronology.

Over the episodes, fans have always rooted for Penelope, who is now revealed to be the town gossip, Lady Whistledown, which has strained her relationship with her best friend, Eloise Bridgerton.

Across the last two seasons, Colin does not seem to return Penelope’s feelings. Thus, it will be fascinating to see how the showrunners build their relationship over the episodes. Especially given the tumultuous nature of her relationship with her best friend, Eloise (also Colin’s younger sister), after the latter discovered Penelope was Lady Whistledown. 

At the Tudum fan event, Coughlan as Lady Whistledown revealed the first page of the premiere, which is titled ‘Out of Shadows’ and most likely refers to the revelation of Penelope’s secret identity as the juicy news hoarder. At the event, she asks Claudia Jesse and Luke Newton, who play Eloise and Colin Bridgerton, a question. “Would you like to hear what I… I mean, Lady Whistledown, has to say about Bridgerton Season 3?”

She goes on to unveil the first page of the script, which is written by new showrunner Jess Brownell. The series will be directed by Tricia Brock, who directed the first two episodes in season two.

The third season will focus on the courting season again, as confirmed by Coughlan, who reads the narration for season three: “As the season begins, the question on everyone’s minds is, of course, which newly minted debutante will shine the brightest?”

However, Whistledown says, “unfortunately, not every young lady can attract the light”, which promises yet another season of love triangles, misunderstandings and more.

With producer Shonda Rhimes having promised an eight-season run, the third season will see most of the cast return, including fan favourites including Jonathan Bailey, Phoebe Dynevor, Simone Ashley, Claudia Jess, Luke Thompson, and Florence Hunt. 

Take a look at the video below (from 2:39 onwards):